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SEP PROS LLC for Local Businesses

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If you are struggling to acquire first page organic search placement for your keywords in Google, we have the perfect SEO solution designed just for you. Here at SEP PROS, we are have built an SEO platform that not only helps you acquire first page organic ranking for your long-tail keywords in Google in a very short period of time, but also generates search engine friendly geographical pages for every city / IP address in your regional area. The best part of it all is our built-in proprietary content management system.
Yes! SEP PROS LLC platform works with all web sites whether it’s designed HTML, WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.
For optimial performance, we only work with active domains that have been live for more than 1 year or longer.

In order for us to help you obtain an online presence, we require you to have a UNIX / Linux based hosting account. If you’re not sure what type of hosting account you have, please contact your hosting provider.
We create search engine friendly geographical landing pages for your website that’s informative, easy-to-read with both the reader and search engines in mind. These pages are keyword rich in content, updated with the latest news feeds that’s relevant to your industry group, streamlined with Yelp reviews, and persuades the end-user to place call or fill in a form through call to action statements.

Platform Features:

✏ Updates meta data, alt-tags, keywords, and content in real time
✏ Streamlines Data from Yelp, Facebook, and RSS feeds in real time
✏ Increase the search relevancy and keyword density up to 80%
✏ Updates content when reindexed by the Search Algorithm
✏ Generates geographical City / IP Address landing pages
✏ Monitor search results with Google Analytics
✏ And, much more...
Local SEO is the practice of applying the traditional methods of organic search engine optimization to obtain results in Google's natural listings for your keywords with a local reference added to them. For instance, the end-user will reference your product/service locally by City, State, Zip Code, Neighborhood, Maps or at times your Street address.

Examples of Local SEO Keywords:

✏ Moving Company in Dallas
✏ Limo Company in 60611
✏ Brooklyn carpet cleaner
We know at SEP PROS LLC that content is KING for acquiring placement in the search engines. For this reason, this is why we have content professionally written for your website on a frequent basis by certified search engine marketing writers. We scan each article for keyword density and search relevancy offline. Then we verify all City/IP Address locations, Metadata, URL structures and post these articles to the search engines.
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